A creature from another world…

Some of the species found in the Vivarium at Musée du Fjord are not just unusual because of where they come from, but also because of their journey through time. And surely one of the most extraordinary of these species is the horseshoe crab, which literally looks like it came from another planet. (Facts about Horseshoe Crabs)

Surprisingly, the horseshoe crab is not part of the crustacean family, as would suggest its large shell. Rather, it is a relative of arachnids and scorpions. It evolved very slowly in a stable environment over some 500 million years, and is still very much like its ancestors. It lives on the seafloor on the East Coast of the United States. In spring, they gather together along the shores to reproduce.

Horseshoe crab shells - Musée du Fjord Collection

Horseshoe crab shells – Musée du Fjord Collection

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