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A nudist mollusc!

nudibranche, invertébré fjord du saguenayThe Saguenay Fjord is a truly rich and surprising ecosystem. Some of its inhabitants are odd little creatures that hide in the deepest recesses of the river, like the nudibranch, which Museum visitors can view in one of our small aquariums.

The nudibranch is somewhat like a snail, but without a shell. It is covered with papilla, which it uses to breathe, and to digest its food. And that is where its name comes from: a naked gill that is shaped into branchial plumes. When feeding, it mimics its surroundings, making it difficult to spot. In fact, it then strongly resembles its main prey, the sea anemone.



Some invertebrates voluntarily “get naked”, such as the hermit crab, which leaves its shell to find a larger one as it grows.


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