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An albino sea cucumber! Is that possible?

concombres-de-mer Aquarium du FjordIn fact, yes! Of course, you understand that we’re talking about the marine invertebrate that is named after a… vegetable.

Albinism is an inherited condition caused by a deficient gene. It is characterized by a lack of pigment that normally gives colour to the skin. Other species can have entirely white fur or feathers, red eyes, sensitivity to UV radiation, and weakened immune system. Albino animals in the wild have very little chance to survive and reproduce. However, a genetic condition called leucism results in completely or partially white fur or feathers, but does not affect the eyes. These animals are not more sensitive to UV radiation that normal and their offspring can be normal, patched, or white.orignal expo Musée du Fjord

An example of a leucistic moose is currently featured in our exhibition entitled “Panache: Caribou and other Cervids”.

Source : Gisèle Benoît


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