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Touring Exhibitions

Since 2004, Musée du Fjord has been developing, in collaboration with its partners, touring exhibitions which have allowed thousands of people to learn about extremely diversified subjects, such as meteorites, Canadian sharks, microbes and bacteria, great abyssal depths, etc.

Nearly 1,000,000 people have attended these exhibitions throughout the province of Quebec, as well as in Ontario, Manitoba, and the Maritimes. A new frontier will soon be surpassed, as the exhibition entitled “Fantastic Sea Monsters” will cross the ocean to France, where it will be presented from April to August, 2012, at the Palais des Arts et du Festival de Dinard.

Musée du Fjord wishes to thank the Department of Canadian Heritage, which financially supports the production and touring of exhibitions.

Like a Fish in Water!

Be Like A Fish in Water and discover this colourful interactive exhibition that takes you deep into the world of fish. Through sometimes amusing questions, colloquial expressions, games, an immersive zone, pictures and videos, our fish reveal many unknown, and sometimes comical facts about their lives. Environmental repercussions and the fundamental roles played by aquatic animals are also emphasized throughout the exhibition. A unique source of information and fun for the whole family!

A Musée du Fjord production with financial support from Canada Heritage.

The Invaders are Here!

_DSC4577No, not extraterrestrials, but actual invasive species in Canada… these exotics made their way into the country, to the detriment of local species.

In the waterways, on land and in the air, they are veritable scourges!

A production of Musée du Fjord, in partnership with Conseil québécois des espèces exotiques envahissantes, and thanks to the financial support of Canadian Heritage  (Museum Assistance Program).

Touring exhibition schedule :

  • Musée du Fjord (La Baie, Québec), until January 18th, 2015.
  • Ferme Miner of Granby (Québec), from May 6th to October 12th, 2015.
  • Musée de la nature et des sciences de Sherbrooke, from January 9th to May 14th, 2016.

See the detailed fact sheet FACT sheet invaders_2 (PDF) or explore it !

Fantastic Sea Monsters

Having premiered in Canada at the Saguenay, Cultural Capital of Canada 2010 event, the “Fantastic Sea Monsters” exhibition has allowed visitors to discover the most spectacular and enigmatic marine legends. Our waters are alive with animals which, because of their gigantic size, surprising shape or unusual behaviour, have sparked many of our myths and legends. Giant squids and octopuses, whales, narwhals, sharks, sea serpents, and leatherback turtles fascinate… For centuries, we have observed or captured them in our lakes, oceans, and… in the St.Lawrence River! Through a remarkable mise-en-scène, photos, ancient engravings, film excerpts, a collection of objects and artworks, multimedia activities, and even an interactive video game (, you will discover fabulous animals and the scientific facts related to their daily lives.

Produced by: Musée du Fjord, in collaboration with The Rooms (Newfoundland-and-Labrador), the Maritime Museum of British-Columbia and Océanopolis (France).

Financial partners: Saguenay, Cultural Capital of Canada 2010, the Department of Canadian Heritage, and the ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Quebec.

Touring exhibition schedule:

  • Musée du Fjord (La Baie, Québec), from June 19th, 2010 to January 14th, 2011.
  • The Rooms (St. John’s, Newfoundland), from February 10th to June 19th, 2011.
  • Musée Maritime du Québec (L’Islet, Québec), from June to October, 2011.
  • Musée de la nature et des sciences de Sherbrooke (Québec), from January to April, 2012.
  • Palais des Arts et du Festival (Dinard, France), from April to August, 2012.

See the detailed fact sheet  Fantastic Sea Monsters (PDF).

Ocean Giants: the Whales of Canada

Géants des océansBaleinesduCanadaDiscover the intriguing mammals living in Canadian oceans. Come and meet belugas, northern right whales, killer whales and blue whales, all of witch are endangered species. You will also learn about narwhals, humpback whales and dolphins! Our travelling exhibition draws an accurate picture of cetacean populations’health, as well as the tremendous efforts and actions deployed for their protection. Come and explore oceanic biodiversity through skeletons, information panels, posters, photographs, as well as handbooks and documents related to the national curriculum. We also offer interactive computer programs, audiovisual presentations and hands-on activities! Surface area : 180 m².

A production of Musée du Fjord, in partnership with GREMM, and thanks to the financial support of Canadian Heritage (Museum Assistance Programm), the City of Saguenay and the ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec.

Touring exhibition schedule:

  • Johnson GEO CENTRE (Newfoundland), from January to May 2014.
  • Musée de la mer (Île-de-la-Madeleine), from June 15 to Novembre 30, 2014.
  • Museum d’Orléans (France), from Octobre 22, 2014 to August 30, 2015.
  • Parc national de Miguasha (Gaspésie), from January to March, 2015.

See the detailed fact sheet Ocean giants : The whales of Canada.


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