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Funny critters!

rainette yeux rouges - Musée du Fjord

Of all the species living in captivity in theVivariumat Musée du Fjord, whether they are indigenous or exotic, most feature more or grenouille verte - Musée du Fjord

less outstanding characteristics. Here are a few examples:

Sticky fingers!

The physical feature that distinguishes tree frogs from their frog cousins are sticky discs at the finger and toe tips, allowing them to climb trees and smooth surfaces, like the walls of their vivarium!

Myth or reality? Toads give you warts when you touch them!

crapaud - Vivarium du Musée du Fjord

In fact, what are perceived as warts on the backs o

f toads are really venomous glands. So, there is no danger of developing warts after touching them. Nevertheless, these glands are toxic and can kill a small animal that tries to bite the toad, and even seriously inconvenience larger species (Desroches et Rodrigue, 2004). That is why washing your hands is recommended after handling a toad… and not to prevent warts.

Grenouille des bois - Musée du Fjord


Freezing to death, never!

Wood frogs and tree frogs have cryonics capabilities ( During winter, thanks to cryopreservation, up to 60 % of the body fluids of tree frogs can freeze, and frogs replace their body water with a sugar that acts as an antifreeze.


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