Panache… the female side of things!

Photo Joëlle Taillon

The caribou, or reindeer, is the ONLY CERVIDAE where both males and females bear antlers. Young males and females have smaller, less-branched antlers. Mature males lose their antlers in the fall, signalling the end of the mating season. But females, or does, keep theirs all winter long and only lose them when calving, in early June. This allows them to maintain their social status and priority access to limited winter food resources. They fiercely protect their access to lichen, and thus safeguard the healthy growth of their fawns and foetuses.Caribou_silouette

To learn more about caribou, moose, deer and wapiti, visit the exhibition Panache: Caribous and other Cervids of Canada at the Musée du Fjord, until January 8th, 2017.

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