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Musée du Fjord’s Vivarium

Since 2012, Musée du Fjord has been offering visitors a discovery space called Vivarium, where a diversity of exotic and local small animal species of are presented in various aquariums, insectariums, and terrariums.

Many amphibian and reptile species inhabit the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean region. They are associated with wetlands such as ponds, peat mosses, swamps, and marshes. These environments, being not entirely terrestrial or entirely aquatic, are where singular types of biodiversity can develop. Key contributors to life on earth, these ecosystems are as prolific as tropical forests and coral reefs in terms of productivity, ecological impact, and socioeconomic value.

Discover some of the species that populate our Vivarium in upcoming Musée du Fjord blogs.

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