The Atlantic sea raven, a true camouflage expert

Which of our sea ravens do you think has the best disguise? The sea raven is insatiable, it will anything that comes too close. It is not very interesting to predators and is often infested with protozoans. This species will change its appearance in response to its surrounding environment (mimicry). Also, it has protrusions that […]

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Hunters aren’t the only predators!

Cervids main predators are grey wolf, black bear, grizzly, coyote, cougar, bobcat and lynx. Each predator has its own hunting strategies and techniques. This also applies to preys, responding according to the predator. Predators play a role in the control of cervid populations and help maintaining the quality of habitats. An adult cervid in good […]

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The “Ocean Canary”, a rare visitor in La Baie!

Regular beluga observation in Baie des Ha! Ha! started about sixty years ago. Since the start of population monitoring and surveys,during the 1980s, the total population has been constant with about 1,000 individuals, which is less than 20% of their numbers in the late 1800s or early 1900s. In 1979, due to their significant drop in numbers […]

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Zero testosterone

During days preceding rut, males tolerate each other and live around without retaliation. Tolerance dries out as daylight shortens, leading to a drastic increase of testosterone secretion. Within a few days, the hormone produces radical changes in male behaviour. We then observe zero tolerance for any rival or intruder, as well as frequent and sudden […]

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Panache… the female side of things!

The caribou, or reindeer, is the ONLY CERVIDAE where both males and females bear antlers. Young males and females have smaller, less-branched antlers. Mature males lose their antlers in the fall, signalling the end of the mating season. But females, or does, keep theirs all winter long and only lose them when calving, in early […]

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