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Interactive activities and games

Explore the virtual exhibition Fantastic Sea Monsters and discover phantasmagoric and formidable creatures, surprising real-life animals, or ocean, lake, and river “monsters”, which have always fascinated human beings. Play the online game Underwater Secrets and take part in a special mission, controlling a state-of-the-art underwater exploration submarine. On board, you might encounter mysterious creatures…

Musée du Fjord also offers a new 3D game, produced in collaboration with the Virtual Museum of Canada: The Legends of the Depths. This 3-dimentional animation is aimed at children and teens ages 9 to 15 and immerses them into the depths of Canadian oceans. You will discover a fascinating world, where legends and scientific facts coexist.

This immersion continues in an encyclopedic version of the game, which provides a playful glimpse, although well documented, of mythical marine creatures. Created with leading-edge technologies, this virtual experience focuses on the discovery and exploration of tangible facts, which prove the existence of sea monsters.

The exhibition will comprise an educative section, adapted to secondary school students.

Drawings to be coloured

An animated school break at the Musée du Fjord!

The school break, at the Musée du Fjord, is always the perfect occasion to have fun with friends and family. The Museum is open on Monday for this week only and a variety of activities begins each afternoon at 1:30 PM For the occasion, a discount is applied on all admission fees: $6.00 for children ages 6 to 17, $11.50 for adults. A 25% discount is also applied to family rates. Children under age 6 always enter for free.

Detailed schedule for 2016 to be announced

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